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SDC Technologies’ Subsidiary COTEC GmbH unveils Hydrophobic Coating Printer 

Irvine, CA – January 11, 2024

World’s First Industrial Digital Printer for Hydrophobic Coated Automotive Displays

COTEC GmbH,  a global innovator of high-quality materials for hydrophobic, oleophobic and Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings is revolutionizing automotive displays. In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, COTEC is making waves with a groundbreaking collaborative innovation. COTEC, in partnership with CADIS as the engineering expert for digital printing machines, has created the world’s first industrial printer for hydrophobic-coated automotive displays. This breakthrough advanced hydrophobic technology promises to transform the automotive industry and elevate the Display experience to new heights.

“Touch displays are an important and challenging design element and in most cases are too large and curved for coating in the traditional coating process. Our modern hydrophobic digital printer provides precise application of hydrophobic materials for the most complex geometries with both low consumption and high efficiency,” said Alexander Brand, Managing Director of COTEC GmbH. “This digital printing enables controlled coating placement, preventing unwanted coating on specific areas. This technology allows the ability to space the right amount of coating material to the dedicated area under atmosphere,” he added.

COTEC’s coating is designed to enhance automotive displays with ultra hydrophobic coatings making them easy to clean, while also repelling water and other liquids, ensuring surfaces remain clear and functional, even under extreme environmental conditions. This game changing technology for automotive displays enhances visibility, safety, and overall aesthetics of car screens. Combining COTEC’s advanced ultra hydrophobic technology in partnership with CADIS as the engineering expert for digital printing machines offers the ultimate synergistic solution. “Together we have developed the premier industrial printing equipment for hydrophobic material,” concluded Mr. Brand.

The successful commissioning of the first production line was completed in the third quarter of 2023 for a premium automotive manufacturer. The CADIS digital printing machine and the coating material supplied by COTEC are perfectly matched to achieve optimum performance with a superior hydrophobic surface combined with a robust printing process. This is a truly ground-breaking and practical coating application that represents a new milestone in the era of automotive technology.

With its commitment to innovation and excellence, COTEC has raised the bar and paved the way for future advancements in automotive displays. The result: the future is brighter and clearer than ever before, with innovative solutions that enhance comfort and safety.

Link to Sales Sheet: COTEC Hydrophobic Printer Coating System Sales Sheet

Link to Application Case Study: COTEC Automotive Applications Case Study

Picture 1: Hydrophobic Printer

Picture 2: Logo printed using hydrophobic ink and wetted with water droplets


Founded in 1997, COTEC GmbH is headquartered in Karlstein am Main, Germany.  COTEC® combines application systems engineering and functional surface modification through nanotechnology to create inventive PVD and MLD materials and applications in thin layer film coating technology. The company offers outstanding chemicals for hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-reflective coatings, thin film quality test systems, accessories, and other cutting-edge products. COTEC serves customers worldwide in automotive, ophthalmic, precision optics and display technologies.  COTEC was acquired by SDC Technologies, Inc. in 2020. Visit


Founded in 1986, SDC Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Irvine, California. SDC was acquired by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. in 2008.  SDC is a recognized global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance abrasion resistant coatings used in a variety of applications from aerospace and automotive parts to vision eyewear. Visit


Founded in 2016, CADIS Engineering GmbH, is headquartered in Schwendi, Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany. CADIS is a developer of innovative inkjet systems catering to the automotive, packaging, pharmaceuticals, energy, consumer electronics and graphics industries. CADIS specializes in supplying industrial high-end inkjet solutions that are completely or partially integrated special-purpose machines for inkjet printing, digital printing production solutions and game changing printing applications on an industrial scale.  Visit