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Mitsui Chemicals leads the global eyewear market in the development of high index lens materials and innovative technologies. Its MR series monomer resins is the industry standard for thin but durable ophthalmic lenses.

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  • MR (Refractive Index 1.60/1.67/1.74)
  • RAV 7 (Refractive Index 1.50)
  • UV+420cut
  • SunSensors
  • NeoContrast
  • Do Green

SDC Technologies is the world’s leading provider of premium abrasion, chemical, and impact-resistant coatings, primers, and coating equipment and a pioneer in innovative thermal and UV-cure coating solutions.

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Products & Systems

  • 3D Print Resins
  • CrystalCoat® Coatings
  • CrystalChrome® Photochromic Coatings
  • CrystalSpin® Coating Equipment
  • Custom Development
  • Formable Coatings
  • Index Matched Coatings
  • Multiple-Purpose Coatings
  • Ophthalmic Coatings
  • Primer-Free Coatings
  • Solvent-Free Coatings
  • Tintable Coatings
  • UV-Cure Coatings
  • Weatherable Coatings

FSI Coating Technologies is the recognized market leader in the development and manufacturing of premium permanent anti-fog coatings.

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  • Anti-Fog Coatings
  • Anti-Fog Film
  • Custom Development
  • Formable Coatings
  • UV-Cure Anti-Fog Coating

Coburn Technologies designs, manufactures, and services software, equipment and supplies used in all aspects of surfacing prescriptions in lens blanks, coating and finishing lenses to fit into patient frames.​

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Ophthalmic Lens Processing Equipment & Coatings​

  • Lens Surfacing Equipment​
  • Hard Coating Equipment​
  • In-Office Lens Finishing Equipment
  • Exam Lane and Pre-Testing Equipment​
  • Hard Coatings​
  • Consumables​

COTEC GmbH is a global pioneer in hydrophobic coatings, coating equipment, vacuum treatment, marking and high-resolution digital printing for progressive lenses as well as film quality test systems, accessories, and other cutting-edge products and systems.

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Products & Systems

  • Specialist in Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coatings
  • PVD Materials for AR Coatings
  • Technical Coating Equipment & Systems
  • Supplier of oxides, fluorides, sulfides, selenides and metals

Our senior chemists and technical support staff are dedicated to supporting all your coating and process needs.

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