When there is no margin for error in visualization, there is no room for compromise in condensation control or personal protection.

Meet the highest standards in visual clarity, personal safety, and product durability.

SDC’s optically clear premium CrystalCoat® multi-purpose coating solutions enhance the optical clarity and durability of safety eyewear to medical devices and equipment.

Our subsidiary FSI Coating Technologies also offers a wide range of complementary anti-fog coating and film solutions for the medical and safety industry.

Our coatings add all kinds of toughness to all
kinds of medical and safety applications


Medical electronic display panels and devices, surgical camera equipment, cardiovascular stents and vascular implant devices

Protective safety eyewear devices such as eyeglasses, face shields, masks, goggles, and visors

Automotive and transit, armored and security vehicle windshields, windows, and doors

PPE Coatings

Solutions for all substrates

Glass: laminated, safety, security, tempered bulletproof and tinted

Polycarbonate and Acrylic

CR-39® & RAV 7®

High-Index substrates such as MR™ Series MR-8™, MR-7™, MR-10™ & MR-174™, lighter and thinner lenses designed for those who require strong prescriptions

Polyamide (PA or Optical Nylon)

RAVolution® & Trivex®

Manufacturing advantages

Available in thermal and UV-cure, for dip and flow coat and spin application

Cures at low temperatures, resistant to ink ghosting

Tintable permeable, fast tinting and color-fast, suitable for photochromic and polarized sunglasses

Highly versatile, compatible with anti-reflective, mirror and metalizing treatments

Good refractive index-match with hard resin lenses

Exceptional product quality and stability, reducing the need for frequent tank change-outs, streamlining and maximizing product yields

Functional benefits

Highly durable, adhesion, chemical, fog, impact, scratch and UV resistance.

Excellent environmental durability proven in QUV testing

Meets or exceeds many safety standards for abrasion and UV resistance

Weatherable, will not discolor when exposed to sunlight

Primer free adhesion to polycarbonate and acrylic substrates

Good steel wool and caustic resistance from chemical attack

Delivers premium Bayer results


Our senior chemists and technical support staff are dedicated to supporting all your coating and process needs.

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