CrystalChrome® Clear Indoor, Dark Outdoor at Exceptional Speed

SDC’s CrystalChome Product suite is one of the best photochromic coatings on the market, designed to provide comfort and protection from harmful UV light.  These coatings offer exceptional adhesion to multiple substrates, capable of performing in the most diverse climates. CrystalChrome can be easily integrated into your dip coating operations, capable of meeting your dynamic production needs regardless of lens material, lens design, and type of anti-reflective (A/R) lens treatments. Choose from our suite of Gray and Brown versions for the best solution to fit your application.


  • Exceptional Optical Clarity
  • Fast Darkening and Fading Speeds
  • Suitable for All Lens Materials
  • Dip or Spin Coat Thermal Cure Process
  • Compatible with Anti-Reflective and Metalizing Treatments


  • Can be easily integrated into existing coating process, streamlining manufacturing, enhancing yields and profitability
  • Manufactured under stringent ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, enhancing coating performance
  • Long product service life reduces the need for frequent tank change-outs
  • Access to SDC’s global technical support team for your product validation and application requirements


  • Primer and Primerless (primer-free)
  • Suitable for Gray and Brown Photochromic Colors
  • CrystalChrome Ultra with enhanced photochromic speeds

CrystalChrome® Product Highlights

SDC has an entire suite of Photochromic coatings available. Contact a Customer Care specialist to discuss a formulation that is bested suited to your application needs.

CrystalChrome® is a registered trademark of SDC Technologies, Inc.