SDC Technologies highly versatile, optically clear, premium formable coatings are designed to enhance the performance and durability of products in multiple industries. Suitable for dip or flow applications, these flexible coating systems deliver best-in-class abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance for polycarbonate and other plastic substrates. Specific features vary by product line, some coatings also offer permanent water washable anti-fog, primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate, tintability, and will not discolor with exposure to sunlight.


  • Abrasion, Chemical & Scratch Resistance
  • Exceptional Optical Clarity
  • Permanent Anti-Fog Performance
  • Formable & Flexible
  • Tintable at Room Temperature
  • Will not Discolor with Exposure to Sunlight


  • Acrylic
  • CR-39®
  • Glass (Primer Recommended)
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester (PET) Film & Other Plastics


Architectural & Building

  • Domes, roofs, skylights and lighting
  • Protective bus shelters and outdoor signage

Automotive & Transit

  • Headlamps, lights, windows and mirrors
  • Windscreens, canopies and sunroofs
  • Instrument clusters, gauges and HUD panels

Aviation & Aerospace

  • Canopies, cabin windows and lighting
  • Cockpit instruments and navigation systems

Military & Security

  • Military tank and armored vehicle windshields, windows and doors
  • Aircraft canopies, windows, cockpit instruments and guidance systems
  • Optical laser scopes and binoculars

Protective Eyewear

  • Safety eyeglass lenses, face masks, shields, visors and goggles

Contact a Customer Care specialist to discuss a formulation that is best suited to your application needs.

FormGard® is a registered trademark of SDC Technologies, Inc.