Standard UV-Cure Product Suite

SDC premium UV-Cure coatings deliver primer-free adhesion to PMMA and PC substrates. Suitable to multiple industry applications including aerospace, architecture, automotive and transit, sunglass, military and sports eyewear. Contact a Customer Care specialist to discuss a formulation that is best suited to your unique requirements.



CrystalCoat™ MP-1142UV
Multi-purpose, Ultraviolet (UV) light curing abrasion and chemical resistant coating.  Resistance to Flame. Suitable for Acrylic, high-index and nylon substrates. Primer free adhesion to Acrylic (PMMA) and Polycarbonate (PC) substrates. Designed for dip or spin coat application. 1.49 refractive index , REACH Ready/Complaint.

Optical Clarity, Abrasion and Chemical Resistance.   Compatible with Anti-Reflective (A/R), and Mirror/Metalizing Lens Treatments.

CrystalCoat MP-1175UV
Dip or spin coat abrasion and chemical resistant coating. Primer-free adhesion to PMMA and PC. Refractive Index 1.49, suitable for acrylic, CR-39®, RAV 7®, and high-index substrates. REACH Ready/Complaint.

Optical clarity, abrasion and chemical resistance.

CrystalCoat MP-1211UV
Multi-purpose, Ultraviolet (UV) light curing coating. Fast cure, non-tintable coating. Designed for spin coat applications.

Exceptional optical clarity and stability. Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

CrystalCoat MP-1230UV
Multi-purpose, Ultraviolet (UV) light curing coating. 1.49 Refractive Index, Primer-free adhesion to PET, PMMA & PC.  REACH ready, flexible coating, compatible with anti-reflective and metalizing treatments. Designed for dip or roll to roll coat applications.

Optical clarity, premium abrasion and chemical resistance.

CrystalCoat™ is a trademark of SDC Technologies, Inc.