SDC Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Policy

To support our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives, SDC manages safety continuously and proactively by establishing systems and accountability for processes to eliminate factors that lead to incidents.


  • All incidents are preventable.
  • Good safety and good business performance go hand-in-hand.
  • Manage Environmental Health Safety (EHS) like all other aspects of our business.
  • Sustained EHS excellence requires active and complete involvement.


  • Management leadership sets direction and values.
  • Comprehensive participation to successfully support and adapt EHS initiatives.


  • Eliminate factors that lead to incidents, and ensure safety systems are proactively managed.
  • Develop a continuous improvement attitude that leads to a lasting safety culture.


  • Prevention – The only acceptable goal is ZERO lost time accidents.
  • Economic Impact – Direct and indirect cost associated with incidents to our company and customers.
  • Prioritization – Long-term, any safety procedure short cut will result in an incident, impacting production and efficiency.
  • Process – Immediate incident investigation of causation, focused on fixing processes, procedures, or behaviors to prevent incidents.
  • Benefits – Sustainable EHS culture committed to embracing safety issues which improve work conditions and performance.